Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Geezer's Got Previous Mate

No we haven't turned into a bad episode of the Sweeney.

An interesting little exchange occurs:

"Graham Badman: When you have a strong partnership between schools, authorities should not be afraid to use their powers of direction. We can direct admissions where there are special educational needs or looked-after children, and I do. That applies to Academies as well.

Q179 Paul Holmes: Surely you cannot direct admissions to Academies. You can ask them to take the children; you cannot direct them.

Graham Badman: Under the new code, they would find it very hard to refuse the admission of a looked-after child, for example.

Q180 Paul Holmes: None the less, even under the new code, you cannot direct Academies. You can ask but not direct, whereas you can direct mainstream schools.

Graham Badman: Well, please do not tell them in that case."

February 2008 - giving evidence to the Select Committee

Fast forward to October 2009 and we find Mr Badman writing to the Select Committee to apologise for providing them with incorrect information.

Hmm, is it just me, or is this providing of incorrect information becoming something of a habit? Rather like his habit of creating expensive and unnecessary schemes.

Incidentally, I wonder when Home Educators can expect their apology for all the slanderous and misleading statistics and comments Mr Badman has made. My feeling is that it will be a very snowy day in hell, but I'm happy to be mistaken.


  1. Badman couldn't begin to apologise for his actions because he has no concept of the harm he has caused, he has no concept of the fear children feel believing they may be forced back into schools where they were abused and neglected, he has no concept of the parents feeling of despair that they may be prevented from acting in the best interests of their child by a state intent on 'standardising' life itself. He has no concept , he could ask us to forgive the misleading stats and the rest of the slurs but he cannot offer an apology , not with any sincerity

  2. I included in my submission so I assume someone on the Select Committee read it. (It would be nice to imagine it being chuckled over, "Hey Barry, listen to this one!" )