Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Conspiracy of Silence

It's now been over a month since the HE grapevine first started kicking off about the rumour that new guidelines were being written.

A month of people wondering, questioning, worrying and debating potential issues.

A month in which the known author of the guidelines could have responded to people's questions. A month in which she could have put people's minds at rest. It is surely what any decent person would do?

Instead we have had nothing. Zilch. Nada. Oh we've had the mutterings of a few self appointed fire fighters, who for their part seem only to have fanned the flames and attempted to stifle reasoned debate. From the Queen Bee though, nothing. She is, it would appear, above reproach.

There are people who could shed some light on the goings on, but we seem to be firmly in the midst of a conspiracy of silence. Whilst this may sound dramatic, I think that anyone who has been drawn into this episode would find it hard to disagree that elements of these effects are evident within parts of the HE *Community*.

Those who are directly suffering, or causing others to suffer, perpetuate their cycle of harm and suffering

Those who have suffered have their suffering extended by having their condition ignored or minimized, and are not considered seriously or redressed appropriately

Lessons that might be learned for future are not learned

Apparently the reason no one will speak out is because they are too frightened to *stick their heads above the parapet*. If those involved had the courage of their convictions then they would not seek to hide behind what they must perceive to be the safety of anonymity, they would be willing to defend their actions. That they are not suggests that self interest is at the heart of the whole sorry mess. We can only wonder at the possible motives involved, but top of the list would surely have to be financial gain. Maybe not immediately, that would be too obvious, but perhaps there is a longer term game plan afoot here?

Words like slander, libel and defamation are flying around the ether; friendships are being torn apart; suspicion is rife. Ed Balls's government couldn't have done a better job of creating such a rift. Meanwhile, silence.

Words couldn't express it better than this photo:

I would ask that the person responsible stand up and own her actions, but I know all too well that I would be ignored. Reprehensible doesn't begin to cover it.

Of course this post is probably just another example of me *Doing a Tech*.


  1. Have I missed something? I've only been away for a day!... 'Doing a Tech' is it?... I'd take that as a massive compliment Gill... but I think the tone of this is very much you... so 'Bravo' & 'well said' to you I say!!!! ;)
    Would I be right in thinking that Queenie McGobby has been spewing bile again then? :/

  2. ok... Im a doofus... & over tired... this is Tech 'doin a tech'... not Gill.... which is why my last comment makes no sense ... i had to read it several times before i realised whose blog I was commenting on.... either way... well said! lol... think I need more sleep! xx

  3. LOL I was sat scratching my head. xx

  4. I wish someone would do something. Anything. This parapet is buckling under my frame ;) Happy day to you xx