Sunday, 21 November 2010

CME Postcard

I decided that it might be useful if there was a simple postcard that people who support the call for changes to CME legislation could send to their MPs etc.

My daughter did the drawings, we know that they are terribly stereotyped, this was done deliberately to make the point very clearly in the easiest way possible. We do not believe that home educated children all sit studiously at desks all day long in the same way that we don't believe all truants are yobbish, chain smoking graffiti artists.

If you want to read more about this issue then please look at the following two links both of which are included on the postcard:

AHEd letter to Michael Gove

Mieke's blog about how CME is changing relations between the LA and HEers in Cumbria.

You might also like to look at these threads on the Home Education Forums which details further examples of CME being directed at Home Educators.

And at Gill's blog detailing why CME needs changing before we have any new guidelines.

If you click on the highlighted named links you will be able to download a copy of the front and back of the postcard to print off on an A6 sized piece of card. There is a lot of info to try to squeeze into a small space, but it does all print out ok - well, it did for me!

If you don't already know who your MP is you can find out who they are and where to write to them here.

CME Postcard Front

Back of CME Post Card (1)

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  1. Including a picture of a bored child at school might make an extra point.
    While the truanting child may well be in some danger due to lack of care and adult oversight, he may be getting a superior education to the inappropriately schooled child.