Tuesday, 8 June 2010

To Blog or not to Blog

Trying to decide if I should use this space a bit more as a general HE blog, now that Badman, Brown, Balls and Becta have bitten the dust.

We're at a bit of a turning point in our HE journey right now, and now that the wonderful UKHE is up and running again, I've been feeling inspired by the stories and voices of those who have walked this path before us.



  1. Well I still read it even if no one else does ;-) Definitely continue blogging. Do we know what has become of the Badman? Is he now unemployed or has he found some other lucrative gravy train from which to dispense his wisdom?

    Around here previous path walkers are known as the old skool :-)

  2. Thanks Duncan, that's decided it for me. No way am I going to post the more personal stuff knowing that you are still reading, presumably to continue taking the piss.

  3. Tech I would love to read more of your blogging.

  4. I would love to read more but I am a very sporadic blogger myself nowadays so can't blame you if you don't.

  5. me too, echoing Ruth. FB seems to have taken over :-/
    i'll keep popping in anyway xx