Thursday, 25 February 2010

My BBC Complaint

Yes it's a rant I'm afraid.

*Home Educators have been waiting months for the grave robbing activities of the government and press to start up again, and here we have it.

Graham Badman said himself in his own report, which the government accepted in full, that he found NO EVIDENCE that home education was being used as a cover for abuse. He knew about the Ishaq case at the time he wrote the report. He is now pouring forth vitriol because he was caught out using dodgy statistics and bare faced lies in order to do his master's bidding.

Such a pity that a Great British institution is in the pockets of it's masters over at LIEbour central. More gongs for the boys no doubt.

Slandering a minority group by using a dead child, a child who died because of the lack of care of the authorities, authorities who already had the power to save her, is disgusting, and you should have your license to broadcast removed as a result."

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Will add more as they are blogged


  1. You have a mistake in your blog article. You said that Graham Badman "found NO EVIDENCE that home education was being used as a cover for abuse." Actually, he wrote that about forced marriages (paragraph 8.14 of his report).


  2. Peter Traves, the Director of children’s services for Staffordshire states on Radio 4’s Today programme: “Graham [Badman] is very clear that there is no evidence that Home Education is used as a cover for child abuse.”

  3. Review states:

    "8.14 With regard to other specific groups within the remit of this inquiry I can find no evidence that elective home education is a particular factor in the removal of children to forced marriage, servitude or trafficking *or for inappropriate abusive activities*." (emphasis added)

  4. One has to wonder what kind of abuse is appropriate. Would that be abuse by the state?