Tuesday, 2 February 2010


That is how I feel about the political shenanigans over home ed. I've been watching bits of the committee meetings and it just strikes me as utterly farcical. The opposition are outnumbered, the labour members have clearly been whipped to take the party line in all votes, and so each amendment gets voted down. Quelle surprise.

So what is the point of it all? All those hours spent poring over documents, helping to come up with amendments that are just steam rolled by the control freaks that are NuLiebour? As far as I'm concerned, there is no point, because no matter the outcome, we will not be bound by it.

The pathetic, nasty, undemocratic workings of those who would govern us have been laid out for all to see, and this family is not remotely impressed.

Why should we be bound to follow rules and laws created by people with no honour? People who feel it is ok to use their positions of power to lie and cheat those that they work for?

Ultimately we have to follow our consciences, and mine is shouting out very loudly that I will not submit to things that I KNOW will damage my children, just because someone who sits in a palace in London says I have to.

What some of these people might find scary is that I'm not the only one that feels like this.


  1. Oh I think they DO find it scary. Remember Badman trying to reassure them, claiming that civil disobedience wouldn't really be a big problem?

    If the Tories don't block clause 26 for any other reason they should do so to avoid being stuck with massive civil disobedience by home educators on their watch. They just don't need the agrivation.

  2. Common sense would tell them that for every vociferous one there will be X amount who agree but have remained silent. Now we have about 5000 vociferous ones against clause 26 and ONE vociferous one who isn't. Now if they really think we are 150,000 (top end speculation of our numbers), then that is quite a lot of people who don't care for their law. And it isn't like parents have a choice: *should I comply, or shouldn't I?*. You can't comply with something that hurts your child.

  3. Well thousands a parents of school children do comply with many things that hurt their child, I was one of them once albeit a grumpy complaining and inconvenient one. This is the sort of parent they are used to, the sort that will comply with meaningless and damaging rules, like no drinks between breaks and keeping your blazer on whatever the weather (my sisters kid's school insisted on this) just because they do not want to rock the boat, do not in fact want their child singled out. They think this will cause them harm. So they are not used to the likes of us.

  4. Your words = my thoughts.
    Thanks for this post, Tech.

  5. You are not the only one Tech. I have to follow my conscience and that means it will be impossible to comply with something that I know will harm my children. After this latest episode (the Badman report I mean) and the way that Balls and his lackeys have behaved, if anybody still sees the government as benevolent they need their heads examining.

    Glad I am not the only one to feel this way - at the moment I am reading the occasional transript, listening to the radio etc. and thinking to myself how utterly arrogant these people are with the barefaced lies they tell. How anyone can be taken in is beyond me - but so many still are.

  6. Yeah, same old same old from me I'm afraid. Can't say NO in any better way :-)