Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sharing The Glad Tidings

I don't have anything to say at the moment because others do it so much better. So I will just pass along these links because they really are worth reading.

Gill does an excellent job de-constructing the evidence presented to the Bill Committee here.

Kelly has blogged about the differences between the internal and public consultation statements from the DCSF here.

As for us; we're getting on with living and not giving much thought to the likes of Balls and Badman as they are, quite frankly, an irrelevance which we will not allow to impinge any further on our lives.

Definitely time to reclaim HE for ourselves again, and what better way to celebrate doing so than with a little challenge.


  1. can I add Kelly's latest?

    It appears that Balls lied to the house

    And just for the record I miss your post how on earth can anyone better unique?
    I read blogs for the variety of 'takes' on the situation so please...pretty pretty please :)

  2. you want to delete that kelly bit brain fdade set in but keeop the blog commwent