Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Home Educators are Racist, Child Abusing, Religious Extremists

No this picture is not of a home educating family having a jolly little BNP stylee knees up, this is a photo of that rational, intelligent, family guy who is head of the department which is now resorting to using the BNP smear card against us, because we dare to SAY NO. How to say NO is something dear old Ed could learn from us. That is of course if the truth of the matter is that he *only wore the uniform so as not to upset his friends* - sounds a bit similar to that old nazi war criminal defence of *I woz only doin' me job mate*....

We watched the *debate* in the Commons yesterday, and I can honestly say that it made me ashamed to be English. If that is the kind of behaviour those who run our country think is acceptable (and consider that all but maybe one of them are the result of the school system) then you can take your school system and shove it where the sun never shines. My children are better behaved, and have more respect for others than the lot of you. You do not have any right to tell us how to run our lives. Consider yourselves fired.

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ETA: This tickled me as a concept - Cromwell your MP it's anonymous, incase that makes a difference ;)

And again ETA: Gill has, as ever, written an excellent post on yesterday's events here.

And another ETA: BillySu has done a fabulous collection of graphs - great visuals.

Ah, and Grit, dear Grit, tells it as only she can. Bravo!


  1. I, fortunately, only got to watch it from roughly where Graham Stuart stood up near the end - but the duo of Ed Balls and Vernon Coaker did indeed make me ashamed. What a pair of thugs.

  2. lol... i was thinking about the Ed 'they made me do it' Balls SS pic when i read about this yesterday.... what a fekkin cheek!

  3. When MP's are representing us about a very serious Bill, which will negatively impact on my family if it gets through, I don't expect Ed Balls to sit there chatting and sniggering all the way through. I don't expect him to lie to other MP's. I expect him to show some respect and integrity. I obviously expect too much and he gets paid too much!

  4. You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge around this proposed piece of legislation. I have a new baby but have already chosen the home schooling route.

    Does what Ed Balls is proposing apply to only England? Or does it reach into Wales also?

  5. Currently only England, though Wales are going to be following it closely, though promisingly Eflyn thingyummy (name escapes me atm, sorry) has said that it is unlikely that Wales will bring in anything as draconian as what Balls proposes. - Paraphrased obviously.

  6. "Consider yourselves fired."

    Well said :) (Not that I remember hiring them..)

  7. Thank the lord for that. The Welsh Assembly seemingly are trying to move away from the more formal education of the past and introduced learning through play in all primary schools a couole of years ago. Still, I don't personally agree with a one size fits all approach to education, which is why I want to go down the home route.

  8. So, basically, Ed Balls simply doesn't know the meaning of the word NO... What would he understand? Kick up the behind? Or what?

    p.s. Love the new pic, Tech!