Wednesday, 7 October 2009

select committee inquiry into HE announces witnesses

Three things:

"I wonder if, as a result of the supposed “harassment and vilification” Mr Badman is suffering from us home educators, he is planning to leave permanently the country where he was born and raised, to become a refugee, taking his family with him, to escape the persecution of a Government that chooses to see something that is his legal duty as an “anomaly” to be got rid of? No, I didn’t think so, but many home educators are doing just that. Because they have been harassed and vilified, you see, and persecuted and libelled against, by the Government and media of their home country."

"The list of witnesses contains no established researchers or authors on home education, for example, Paula Rothermerl, Roland Meighan, The Fortune Woods, or Alan Thomas? We understand that some of these people have also asked to appear as witnesses."

and this video

Great British Democracy in action - doesn't it make you proud?


  1. We are considering going to the point of house hunting. If we go I have to leave half my older children behind realistically for at least 10 years. They have no idea what “harassment and vilification” feels like. They are the bullies.

  2. I have a disabled hubby, we could get benefits in Scotland but the weather up there will cripple him worse than he already is. I have considered taking DS and trying the fruit picking option around the world and hubby has sanctioned it even if it means a 6 year break in our marriage and me not seeing the grown up children for the same aamount of time. I wonder if we could claim Asylum in the US because of this, seeing as how the Government refuse to allow our children to receive a proper education.

  3. Loved the clip, Tech. Had to go to Amazon to get the whole thing *sigh* ;-)

  4. Oh dear simon it appears that you are not I repeat NOT a home educater as per your comment on cyp you speak in the past tense ! plus 16
    It is worth bearing in mind that not all home educators are opposed to the recommendations made by Graham Badman. I taught my child until the age of sixteen; she did not spend a single day in school. I am wholly unable to see what all the fuss is about. It is true that a few hundred vociferous and autonomously educating parents are against the Badman Report, but they may we ll be a well organised minority. If anybody wishes for an alternative view on the subje