Friday, 9 October 2009

Can You Explain?

Ok, so it's a very long time since I studied politics, and perhaps my grey cells have become a little withered with time, but would someone please explain to me how this scenario works:

*Democratic* Government decides that it wants to give the governed a say in how legislation is made, so it decides to hold consultations in which it asks for the opinions of the people. Now there are guidelines (opens PDF)which are supposed to be followed when consulting, have a look at number 1:

"Formal consultation should take place at a stage when there is scope to influence the policy outcome."

Ok, so, bearing this in mind, please can someone explain to me why the government department DCSF - known to us as the department of continued and sustained failure -has issued this when there are still 10 days left before a consultation into these matters finishes?

Apparently they are saying that the registration aspect will come into effect September 2011.

Democracy or dictatorship? You decide.


  1. I have decided a long time ago we are living in a dictatorship and due process is just a couple of words that are ignored by politicians hell bent on forcing their own agendas on the people they are supposed to serve. We are not here to serve them. This seems to have been long forgotten.

  2. Of course we're living in a dictatorship. They give us a few political parties that are controlled by the same people, to give us the illusion of having some say in the matter. If we didn't have these there would be civil disobedience. Instead we get pissed off with one lot when they go further than we're happy with, so we vote the other lot in. And then they do the same, and we respond the same way again. Meanwhile the people who are really in charge are still in charge. We can't win. All we can do is make things as difficult as possible for them, and wake up as many other people to this as we can.
    And if that makes me a conspiracy theorist then so be it. I'll wear the badge with pride.

  3. "more support" and "new relationship" - this government is so full of spin its brain believes its inner ear.

    Unfortunately its inner ear is very easily confused and gets upset if anything is different to normal. And its brain can't tell the difference between different and wrong.

  4. Time to up it all a notch, can we do it, YES WE CAN :)

  5. :) Yes, we can! And we will do it :)!
    Another master piece, Tech!

  6. Nothing like due process being followed is it....