Saturday, 26 September 2009

DCSF Disappears EHE Guidelines down the memory hole

Well, well, well. It seems that, just before the Select Committee Inquiry into the Home Education review, DCSF disappears their guidelines from their website. How very Orwellian. Thankfully, home educators are not so daft as to rely on the DCSF to retain these things, having experienced other guidelines disappearing in much the same way.

You can still read the full government guidelines online here and here and here. I suggest that we make noise about this - twitter it, facebook it, blog about it, write to your MP about it, and the Select Committee need making aware too.

ETA: HE Forums have blogged about government data loss here.

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  1. In 2007 Local Authorities decided they didn't understand the rules re Home Ed so at great expense to us taxpayers ,as their employers, we allowed the DCSF to clarify the rules for them.
    Roll on a few months and it seems commercial/third sector factions develop an interest in Home Education and DCSF sets of without our say so as employers, and at great expense yet again to all , down their yellow brick road into the fantasy world of badmen and virtual schoolrooms.
    Hindered as they were on this journey by the pesky paymasters they became fearful that somebody (not only are the United Nations watching closely we also have a select committee enquiry ongoing into the debacle)may turn round to them , grasping in shaking hand and with moisture droplets on the fevered brow and ask ''why exactly do the LA's not understand these? why are you trampling the rights of these children? and when are you going to make schools places that children can safetly go if they so wish?'' to which of course each and everyone of the characters in this tale will have their own individual answer.
    Pity then dear reader the Select Committee members who will be hearing these individually delivered replies for they may begin to wonder if they are indeed in the Alps as the words ''it wasn't me'' echo day after day