Friday, 11 September 2009

But How Will They Get A Job?

Another cultural meme seems to be that you will only get a job if you go to school and get x number of GCSEs, if you fail to do that your life is doomed. How very tragic, and no wonder that our young people are among the unhappiest in Europe.

Most of the people I know have altered their career plans many times since leaving school/college/university. There is such a thing as retraining, life long learning - all these buzz words the government like to throw at us adults, apply equally to our young people.

Home Educated children are quite able to take GCSEs if they so wish, they are also free not to. They can go to college or university, if they so wish, they are also free not to. Many home educated children go on to become self employed, and find that they don't necessarily need qualifications. They have no less opportunities than those who go to school.

My eldest two have recently mentioned the possibility of going to college at some point, so that is something we will explore in the coming years. Their options are wide open, just the same as any other child their age. They just have more freedom to choose what those options will be.


  1. Especially annoyed when this meme gets repeated by newspaper columnists (no qualifications necessary), TV / Radio presenters (no qualifications necessary) and government ministers (you're ahead of me here, aren't you?)

    Other things that get my goat "Oh, you're against schools, so you must be against qualifications!" Grr, no, well run qualification boards giving quals to those WHO CHOOSE TO TAKE THEM, absolutely 100% a Good Thing.

  2. Agree. It hasn't stopped any of my lot going to college.

  3. Lol pete, it is a wonder by these memes that we are not all living in caves, however did we move out without the help of schools and exams?