Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Happy Freedom In Education Day!

I can't believe that this nearly passed me by, after all, I set this blog up just over a year ago specifically to celebrate freedom in education day.

So spurred on by this rather glowing blog post from my friend Kelly here is just a brief post to mark the day.

Today we didn't really do much to celebrate we just got on with the business of living, but this year we were able to do that without the deep seated fear that we were in the final days of the freedom that we have taken for granted over the past 10 years.

I don't think we will ever feel as carefree as we did in the preceding years, because the last year and a bit has made us realise just how much we need to protect freedom. It's not something that can or should ever be taken for granted.

Tomorrow we are meeting some HE friends for a picnic, mini sports day, bubble blowing, circus skills, messing around and enjoying life kind of day. The irony of this is that we will be doing all of these things in a playground that was largely funded by the DCSF. It feels like a final bit of defiance in the face of that blasted rainbow that caused us all so much heartache last year.

And because I'm currently listening to it whilst I cook tea here is my personal life anthem for your delectation and delight :D


  1. Great song. :)

    Home edders, keep doing it your way. Life's what you make it, so make it fun, full, free and fantastic!


  2. Fabulous. I had never heard that before.